Photo illustrations is a fancy term for compositing multiple photographs into one illustrated image similar to a collage. These are some of my favorite composites that we have created over the years. The complexity of the design requires cutting out each individual element and placing it into the scene like a puzzle. Some of these composites have over 75 individual pictures with Photoshop files running into the 3 gigabite range including 150+ layers and adjustments. This image gallery includes commercial work (with a team of creatives), personal pieces, collaborations, and commissions. For image credits please click on the image for additional information. See Services Pages for more info.

Photo Illustrations and Photo composites

Pacific New Media Catalog Cover
Kindergarten Class Composite
Mermaid Kariel
year of the monkey Final web.jpg
reading under the stars Final web2.jpg
Hawaii Rainbow Film FeHRFF final.jpg
Children's Miracle Network commissio
Ocala Indoor Soccer ad commission
Dinner at The Thompson's Flyer
native american dance
Grinch Redneck Final Web logo.jpg
The Magician
Redneck Family Portrait
Our Redneck Christmas Card
Space and time_Web Logo.jpg
Apocalypse Bride
Crown chakra card_web.jpg
Blue Moon Hawaii
2014 James Anshutz Family Christmas Card.jpg
Dreamscape Ruins
Tesla_power the world
The golfer
Land of make believe
school of fish
St Marks Zoo