Moani Hara and Kecia Littman

The first two images have been retouched and available for download by clicking the link. I know you mentioned that you wanted the shiny look on most of them so I left the gallery of proofs unedited. Each of y'all can pick 3 images to have fully retouched so I'm not spending 2 hours each of the 30 images. This way you pick your favorites and everybody gets what they want :)

Hope ya like 'em


The gallery below are unedited proofs for viewing only. Please select your favorite 3 image numbers that you want retouched and submit on the form below. I will return the retouched images via email within 14 business days. 

Image Selection & Retouching Submission Form

Retouched Images will be emailed to the above address within 14 Business days of submission. Please make sure you hit SEND!